The Cornell Science Network

CoSciN is the Fast Track for Cornell Campus-to-Campus Collaboration

Cornell’s Ithaca campus and New York City-based Weill Medical campus are only 231 miles away. Sending large files between them should be really fast right?

But hey. Driving a car into the middle of Manhattan isn’t fast, is it? Neither is driving a car into Ithaca for that matter, with no interstate to ease things. The fact is, it’s the infrastructure that’s the problem, not the distance.

Enter CoSciN! Using state of the art Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology CoSciN between multiple fiber traffic paths, CoSciN figures the least-used path at intervals and redirects traffic based on them. And it does this transparently. Researchers simply send files like they normally do and CoSciN takes care of the rest.

And how much faster is it? It cuts the transfer time of multi-terabyte files from weeks to hours. For large dataset applications like genomics, this is a huge difference. Not having to worry about transfer times and scheduling, researchers are free to do what they’re best at … research!