The Cornell Science Network

CoSciN Testbed

The CoSciN testbed, housed in the Systems Lab of Gates Hall, aims to mimic the CoSciN production network except for the “cloud” in between the simulated Ithaca side and the simulated NYC side.
The HP OpenFlow switches, the dual controller architecture, and the net apps themselves are identical to production.

Here’s a diagram of the testbed

Coscin Testbed Network

The single Cisco Catalyst 6500 router stands in for the fiber infrastructure between Ithaca and NYC. There are three alternate paths just like in production, but since they use the exact same paths, there will never be much difference between transfer speeds.

The testbed hosts are on their own separate private subnets, but unlike the production hosts, they are not hooked to a separate management network. There’s no reason not to change that, although it makes testing more complex. But it does mean you have to SSH to them through the coscin-bastion host.